4 photographers, 1 model | DSM, IA | @mikepham.jpg

4 photographers, 1 model | DSM, IA | @mikepham.jpg

Four creatives from Des Moines, IA tackled the four photographers, one model challenge. In this challenge, 4 photographers shoot the same model. Each photographer picks their own location, outfit for the model to wear. Each photographer then photographs the same model/outfit at each location to showcase how different each of their styles are. The challenge took place in downtown Des Moines, near the Court Ave area. Check out how every one tackled the different locations/outfits with model, Grace! Each photographer had three minutes to gather and take their shots.

Photographers — Instagram handles:
Kendra Plathe — @kmpphoto
Tobias Tyler — @borgology
Riley Glenn — @rileysheaglenn
Mike Pham — @mikepham.jpg

Model — Instagram handle:
Grace Isaa — @grace__isaa

Videographer — Instagram handle:
Colton Briddell — @c.briddell

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