Cedar Rapids, IA New Sale Offering | .SticksandStonesGOLFSimulators.com | 888.978.5290 | Convention Discount for CT CO CA AR

Cedar Rapids, IA New Sale Offering | .SticksandStonesGOLFSimulators.com | 888.978.5290 | Convention Discount for CT CO CA AR

Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) brings the course to you!
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Be an event hero. Rent a golf or sports simulator! Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) offers a complete multi-sport package. In addition to golf we offer; rally baseball, slap shot hockey, breakaway soccer, foot-golf, disc-go-golf, bowling, and zombie dodgeball.  >

We rent for tradeshows, private events, boogie parties, bar mitzvahs, charity, church events, grand openings, and even baby showers in all 50 states. Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) provides all-inclusive pricing from set up, on site technician, and dismantling. Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) has 100 golf courses to choose from, including the iconic Pebble Beach®.  https://youtu.be/rcH_yKWgopM

Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) proudly uses TruGolf simulators for the most accurate and reliable feedback. Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) rotates our inventory yearly only offering the most current models and software to our clients. We have multiple sizes with different footprints to accommodate most spaces. Our most popular interactive games are longest drive and closest-to-the-pin contests. You will see contestants’ shots in real time with no delay in ball flight. Each player will see their name, rank, and distance on a live leaderboard.  https://youtu.be/3JzIjcX4aS4

Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) has provided services for top companies including Sprint, eBay, Autotrader, Michelob, The American Red Cross, and Cadillac and many more. We have also rented for TV shows; Little Big Shots, Jimmy Kimmel, and Angel-From-Hell. We love working with charities and Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) is pleased to donate some of our services.  https://youtu.be/t55D4JrM1hU

Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) is an independent distributor for TruGolf. We offer free shipping and installation on all units. All TruGolf systems come with a 1-year warranty with dependable customer support. TruGolf has recently released the TruFlight 2 system which removes all hardware from the floor and uses a high-speed camera system to increase club and ball data analysis for even better accuracy. By capturing club and ball data simultaneously users can shape their shots just like they would outdoors.  https://youtu.be/C8LVEfR-3ME

TruFlight2 is ideal for commercial locations such as sporting goods stores, bars, or movie theater installations. We have years of experience with custom installations. If you dream it, we can build it. We have worked with builders and architects to create golf rooms custom designed for you. We have outfitted universities, law firms, car dealerships, bars, cruise ships, hotels, private residences, and even garages.  https://youtu.be/zwXfxnAimSY

Many country clubs in cold climates have opted to rent or purchase a simulator for the winter months adding additional tee time for their members. Many members choose to sign up and “pay for play” in tournaments with 36 different modes of play. TruGolf’s ‘team of artists’ have been building unique golf content for 30 years. E6 Range offers 100 world-class courses offered in the E6 connect library. Golfers can compete in peer-to-peer contests with other golfers around the world in virtual sport play, long drive, and closest-to-the-pin events or any mini games.  https://youtu.be/C_vMoWCoTFM

Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) offers the following PGA courses; Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines South, Innisbrook, Spyglass, Kapalua, and The Bay. The Master’s is the most exclusive and anticipated golf event of the year! Tiger Wood is seeking his 5th green jacket in 2020. https://youtu.be/hB1oBJoIF_E

Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) knows how important marketing is to our clients. We can customize the simulator with branding on the valence cover, and side walls. Simply send us a file with your company name and logo. We will have it printed and placed for your event.  https://youtu.be/F0wnfdKNT-4

While the golfer is waiting for their turn, Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) runs the simulator, you capture their contact information and tell them about your product or service. Yes, booth envy is a thing! We have sidewalls for safety, liability insurance, and we can use foam balls if necessary. Sticks and Stones Golf Simulators (SSG) provides service calls, dismantling, and upgrades to all TruGolf systems. If you have a used system you would like to sell we often can help you find a buyer.  https://youtu.be/kdz2jjYUpeA

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