Child Victims: How We Are Serving Our Most Vulnerable Population – David Betz, National Children’s Alliance

Child Victims: How We Are Serving Our Most Vulnerable Population – David Betz, National Children’s Alliance

Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) and the National Children’s Alliance are dedicated to serving child victims of exploitation. For victims and their families, we know exploitation can be devastating; healing begins with exceptional service from providers. CACs around the country are stepping up and responding in exceptional ways with a focus on reducing trauma and providing a victim friendly response. From CSEC information to building federal relationships, the National Children’s Alliance is helping those that help our children.

Dave has been an employee with the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) for the past three years. He currently is the Director of Accreditation and oversees the accreditation process of over 700 accredited Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) as well as 50 State Chapter CACs. Dave started his career with NCA as the Coordinator for Strategic Partnerships; responsible for building relationships for local CACs with Federal and State partners. Prior to his employment with NCA he served on the NCA Board of Directors rising to the position of President in 2015.
He is a twenty-five-year veteran of the Harford County, MD Sheriff’s Office and is the former director for the Harford County Child Advocacy Center. Dave also has been involved on the Boards of the Maryland and Iowa Chapters of Child Advocacy Centers as well as the Allen Hospital Child Protection Center in Waterloo, Iowa.
He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Liberty University and a Master’s Degree in Management from Johns Hopkins University. He also holds certifications as a Certified Protection Professional and a Professional Certified Investigator from the American Society for Industrial Security and is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and Certified Fraud Examiners Association.

This presentation was given at the 2019 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit.

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