Culture Crawl 474 “Let’s Put ‘Em to Work”

Culture Crawl 474 “Let’s Put ‘Em to Work”

Since Steve Shanley became the director of the Cedar Rapids Municipal Band, he has made sure that the music students in the Cedar Rapids area benefit from the guest artists who perform with the band.

That’s the case this week, as Iowa City native Virginia Broffitt Kunzer, now the flute professor at Auburn University, is in town, will also work with the Coe Youth Flute Ensemble, who will perform in a prelude concert prior to the Sunday performance at 6:30.

Steve is also teaching at KCCK’s Jazz Band Camp this week. He and Dennis are both pleased that the concert will feature Young Artist Runner-Up (and band camp alum) Megan Bennett on trumpet.

Wednesday’s concert is at Cleveland School, Sunday at Bever Park. Both at 7:30pm.

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