Fox 2 News Presents: Kids Under Fire

Fox 2 News Presents: Kids Under Fire

Kids are under fire across metro St. Louis. In the last year, Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital reports an 18 percent increase in cases involving kids. That’s why Fox 2 hosted a special program called, “Kids Under Fire.”

FOX 2 anchors Shirley Washington and Sandy Miller spoke with emergency room Doctor Bo Kennedy and trauma surgeon Colleen Fitzpatrick. Both professionals who work frantically to save young lives. Also appearing on the broadcast, the mother and aunt of RJ Dorsey, a 16-year-old high school athlete shot to death in July and Sharon Steele, the mother of Cara Davenport, a high school student killed 19-years ago. Her case has not been solved.

The focus of the conversation is the impact of gun violence in our community and what to do about it.

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