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NextWork LLC., are independent promoters of Quiari, the Maqui company ( ).  The NextWork Team consists of members who have decades of incredible experience in Direct Sales and Network Marketing as Company Founders, Corporate Presidents and Product Developers.  Brad Stewart is the cornerstone of NextWork!

-Brad Stewart ( ): Brad is widely known as an influential force and proven international executive. With a track record of driving revenue, establishing new markets and improving business processes. He is relevant in global business with twenty years of experience in startups, turnarounds and established projects.  His experience from startup to sustainable profitability is well documented. Brad has a unique skill set in domestic/international sales & field leadership, marketing, tech and c-level management functions. His previous roles span multiple industries including: affiliate/online marketing, direct sales, personal care, nutraceuticals, food/beverage, education, technology/software, and syndicated radio. ( )

Life Lessons:
-Avoid Negative People
-Know That You Are Your Only Competition
-Go After What You Want
-Failure is a Beginning


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